Database Administrator (DBA) is usually described as an IT professional who manages Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases, MySQL, IBM DB2 and/or Postgres databases which includes installs relational database software, provisions users’ access to the databases, secures data, tunes database performance, disaster recovery, etc. as a full-time employee.

Depending on the organization where you work, the Database Administrators work as a member of the IT Operations Team, the Application Support Team or part of the Software Development Team working with Programmers \ Developers. Regardless of the team, DBAs usually interact with all other IT teams and often with the business as well.

Any person can become a SQL Server DBA if you have the determination and the interest to become one. We have trained students from different countries and backgrounds and most of them are today working as DBAs. 

Watch out for announcements about this on our website at You can also reach out to us by either email( or by a phone call(+1 682-785-9710 or 240-918-9386). As a heads-up, we always start a new Batch of training every 5 months.

Over the years, we have trained students from Europe, North America, South America, Canada, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. No matter where you are, you can take this training. Just reach out to us, thanks.

For every company to function, it makes use of data to support the Applications used in running that company. For the smooth running of the company, business decisions will have to be made, be it in terms of Sales or Production and all these will depend on data. In recent years, Data has become an intellectual property and a key component to the existence of every company. It is often referred to as the new “Black Gold”. We cannot over emphasize on the importance of data to companies around the world.

Yes, all you need is your commitment to the training. As long as you stay focus and you are determine to take the training, often times you will be successful. We have trained a handful of students who did not have this and today are actively working as DBAs with a 6 -figure job.

6 months but if necessary, it could extend for a few more weeks, e.g. 2 weeks but will never be above 7months overall. Our focus is to make sure we roll-out the best training to our students and equip them with the exact knowledge needed to land that 6 -figure job. So, we are always ready to go an extra mile to accomplish this even if it means to add a few more weeks to the training. For the other trainings, please you can refer to the “Courses’  section of our website or reach out to us, thanks.

It depends in which part of the world you are. Here in North America(USA), on an average, MS SQL Server DBAs earn $100,000 annually.

As long as companies exist, DBAs will always be needed. There are more and more DBA jobs daily. So, there is always that increase. According to Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country, Database Administrator jobs will grow 11.5 percent over the next decade. 

We use Cashapp and Zelle Transfer. The details will be communicate to all the Students at the appropriate time. If you have any difficulty paying your fees, please, you can reach out to us directly, thanks.

A Labtop(with atleast 16GB RAM, 500GB Storage), an External Monitor, a Mouse, and a good Internet Connection. You will also need a quiet environment where you can sit for your Lectures. If you have any concerns about these, please contact us directly.

Usually, 2 months to the start of any of our trainings, we sent out some preparatory materials that can greatly help you to prepare for the upcoming training. History has showed  that, those who actually make use of these material turn to take our training with much ease. Dough the preparation is not compulsory, we greatly encourage our prospective students to make use of it before starting their training with us. The preparatory materials are usually shared on our Whatsapp forum and communicated to all those who are interested adequately.

Please, contact us immediately and we shall work with you.

Some folks think that you must have an IT background in order to take this training. That is not true as we have had students come from different backgrounds and sometimes, our best students are not necessarily those with an IT background. All you need is your commitment.

Yes, AkumTech will be providing all the registered Students with Digital copies of a List of Textbooks, and a range of Softwares that will be used for the entire training. All these will be provided free of charge.

Our MSSQL Server DBA training starts with 2 weeks of free training. At the end of the first 2 weeks, we expect that the students might have decided to continue the training with us. At that point, the students have 2 options to pay their fees: either pay the complete fees at once or take the installment option where they can pay their fees in different installments spread over a period of 4 months (4 installments).

Yes, there is a referral Bonus for every Student that you refer. You will get the bonus once that students successfully register for our training.

On our website, open the Course you are interested in and click on Apply. Fill out the Application Form and submit. In case of any challenges, please immediately reach out to us.

We have lectures twice a week of 3 hours each, then we have a third day of lectures that is used for Revision(optional). The classes are usually 3 hours, typically 8:00 pm CST – 11:00pm CST. The class schedule will be published 1 month to the Start of the lectures so the students can re-adjust their personal program and make themselves available to attend the training.

Lectures are administered online via a Zoom link that will be shared to all the Students 30 minutes to the start of Lectures. The Lectures will be recorded and the videos will be made available to all our students.

For more information about this, contact us directly.

We pride ourselves in helping our students get their jobs during and after the training. Some of our students already get their job just 4 months into the training. We also expose our Students to Internship through our Shadowing program.

We also have different Services that we have carefully design to assist our Students get their jobs. For example: Mentorship Program, Intensive Interview Bootcamp, One-on-One Coaching, Weekly Webinars, Tutorials, etc.

All of these is done free of charge.

Yes, we do this to all our students.

No. In as much as we encourage our students to take the Microsoft Certifications (we provide them with all the materials needed to take and pass these Certifications), it is not a compulsory element for you to get a job. Many of our former Students have 6 figure job offers without having a Microsoft Certification.

We train our students in every aspect of MSSQL Server DBA ranging from Installation, Upgrade, Patching, High Availability, Disaster Recovery to Security, Monitoring & Performance Tuning, Documentation and Soft skills. Hence, our students graduate as a complete DBA making it easy for them to pick up their jobs.