This course curriculum has been carefully designed to take the students from an absolute beginner level to an expert SQL Server DBA, with a strong focus on hands-on training. So, it enables the students to develop and improve skills in the following areas:

  1. SQL Server installation, configuration, upgrade, patching and Migration
  2. Database Security (Always Encrypted, Transparent Database Encryption, Dynamic Data Masking, SQL Server Logins/Users, Permissions, and Authentication).
  3. Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions in SQL server (AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Traditional Failover Clustering, Log shipping, Replication, and Database Mirroring)
  4. Database Backup, and Recovery Strategies
  5. Performance Tuning and Monitoring using both SQL Server inbuilt and 3rd party tools.

Group work, Projects and Personal research are areas of absolute importance throughout this training; hence the students graduate as all rounded SQL Server DBAs, equipped with the latest technologies and ready to compete at the world stage.

If you are looking for that right place to gain faster insights on data, to deliver mission-critical, business critical and non-mission critical performance and learn how to harness Microsoft SQL Server or your best cloud service to migrate, then this course is the perfect answer. These learning opportunities can help you get started quickly – from product exploration to deep training and certification.

Get certified and prove the world that you are ready to take responsibilities of the breakthrough performance of Microsoft SQL Server to deliver faster data insights that drive business transformation to a new level.

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