Vivian O.

Huntsville, Texas, USA

Hi, my name is Vivian Owusu. I am a product of Akumtech. Akumtech is a platform that trains people that have zero background knowledge in IT to become experts in Database Administrator. I am saying this because I am a living testimony. I rose from not knowing how to create a folder to a qualified database administrator. They have tools that will support you from the beginning of the program till you lunch your first job. With Akumtech, everything is possible. So, if you are tired of the job you are doing right now, there is a better option. If you are interested, you can reach out to the administrator of this great platform on 682-785-9710 for more insight and details of what this platform is about. Thank you.

Kelly G.

Buea, South West, Cameroon

I think AkumTech is the Ideal place to be for ONLINE IT STUDIES with a zero background in IT knowledge. AkumTech teaching METHODOLOGY and HER  Lecture Structured Scheme is EXCEPTIONAL. I am PROUD to say I am Part of this ONLINE IT Community, studying from Africa; Cameroon to be precise.

Phidelia A.

Huntsville, Texas, USA

Hi my name Phidelia.  Akumtech is the best institution you can trust. The Instructors and Mentors are reliable, considerate, accommodating and work with everyone’s schedule. They have the appropriate skills and tools to train you (even if you have no IT background) to a Professional DBA. Akumtech IT Services have all the patience in the world to teach you till you understand. They are trustworthy and you won’t regret.

Wilfred T.

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Hi good morning from my end. I am by name Wilfred Tebah , from Cameroon, but presently living in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  I am a living testimony of AkumTech community. A group where nothing is impossible with them by your side to drill you to become an IT personnel in SQL. They have well qualified professionals with live experiences.  As a database administrator, I can say if not of AkumTech IT services and their free tools, my future would have been unsecured. Hurry now and join the winning team; AkumTech IT services. Move from nothing to something with AkumTech, thanks

Fabrisk B.

Bowie, Maryland, USA

My name is fabrisk Bidpua. I am a Cameroonian based in the USA. I had been looking for a place where I could build my career in IT for years until I found AkumTech which has become a great family and a place to be. At AkumTech, there is so much love, support, and commitment. Once in AkumTech there is no way out. I love the interactions, willingness, patience, and strictness of the instructors as their only goal is to work for the interests of the students. My classmates on the other side are more than families and have contributed greatly to change my life. With AkumTech your career is guaranteed.

Alvine N.

Buffalo, New York, USA

As a current student at AkumTech, I can say that I have met another great family.  I want to thank all AkumTech team for being so encouraging and doing everything they can to keep us motivated. I appreciate every time that I spend during your class presentations. With all the knowledge and leadership, you are sharing with us, I am sure that, I will embrace this career right after my training.  Thanks to all AkumTech profs and mentors.


Seraphine T.

Göteborg, Sweden

AkumTech, to me has been a life changing platform, with the watch words “work smarter and not harder”. I have moved from being a complete novice to being an expert in MSSQL Server Database administration.

The instructors at AkumTech are simply the best as they are willing and patient to take you through the entire program until you land your first job, and the best part is they stay with you, to help You keep the job. I feel so privileged to be a student at AkumTech, as I have been able to gain the right tools and knowledge that will change my life and that of my family. I will gladly recommend Akumtech IT services to all my friends and loved ones. Just like me, join AkumTech today for a guaranteed success story and life changing career anywhere you are in the world.

Achem E.

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Firstly, AkumTech is a family. Teachers are passionate about the success of the students. My experience has been exceptional due to maximizing the mentorship program, one-on-one with the professors and the group activities (learning and teaching your peers).

AkumTech is a great Team, No one left behind.

Luma C.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My name is LUMA COLLINS and I  am writing to recommend AKUM TECH IT SERVICES. I am a professional DBA now and it was an excellent experience studying at AKUM TECH. I became an expert in sql in 6 months from no computer background and I was given the tools and teaching to achieve this from the amazing profs and great team in the institution. Being a part of community made me achieve my dreams and you can achieve yours as well by being a part of AKUM TECH IT SERVICES. Because WE WORK SMATER AND NOT HARDER.

Elmine B.

Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

I had an amazing experience at AkumTech. The hands on teaching style (Labs) provided good learning opportunities especially coming in with a no computer knowledge background. The curriculum is well structured. The instructors are very patient and take students every step from registration up to getting a job. Excited to say am a MS SQL database administrator and can’t wait for the endless opportunities out there. Never too late to make the decision and begin a life changing career.

Augustine O.

Hyattsville, Maryland, USA

My self-esteem increased when I mastered the material presented to me. I have the confidence of a lifetime learner. With my SQL Server knowledge, I have the confidence to succeed.

AkumTech has built a community of Instructors and students that are ready to serve this nation – USA and the world.

I am proud to be part of this community AkumTech has built. My

friends/family/others have not only been recommended but are attracted to.

Shalotte B.

Los Angeles, California, USA

AkumTech is an outstanding platform with well trained staff. My time spent in AkumTech was so amazing. AkumTech has helped me to build a career for myself in the IT industry without limits. If you want to build a career in the IT industry don’t waste time to reachout to them. They will guide you on the right path. Thanks AkumTech for the impact you have created in my life, I really appreciate.

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