Seraphine T.

Göteborg, Sweden

AkumTech, to me has been a life changing platform, with the watch words “work smarter and not harder”. I have moved from being a complete novice to being an expert in MSSQL Server Database administration.

The instructors at AkumTech are simply the best as they are willing and patient to take you through the entire program until you land your first job, and the best part is they stay with you, to help You keep the job. I feel so privileged to be a student at AkumTech, as I have been able to gain the right tools and knowledge that will change my life and that of my family. I will gladly recommend Akumtech IT services to all my friends and loved ones. Just like me, join AkumTech today for a guaranteed success story and life changing career anywhere you are in the world.

Achem E.

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Firstly, AkumTech is a family. Teachers are passionate about the success of the students. My experience has been exceptional due to maximizing the mentorship program, one-on-one with the professors and the group activities (learning and teaching your peers).

AkumTech is a great Team, No one left behind.

Luma C.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My name is LUMA COLLINS and I  am writing to recommend AKUM TECH IT SERVICES. I am a professional DBA now and it was an excellent experience studying at AKUM TECH. I became an expert in sql in 6 months from no computer background and I was given the tools and teaching to achieve this from the amazing profs and great team in the institution. Being a part of community made me achieve my dreams and you can achieve yours as well by being a part of AKUM TECH IT SERVICES. Because WE WORK SMATER AND NOT HARDER.

Elmine B.

Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

I had an amazing experience at AkumTech. The hands on teaching style (Labs) provided good learning opportunities especially coming in with a no computer knowledge background. The curriculum is well structured. The instructors are very patient and take students every step from registration up to getting a job. Excited to say am a MS SQL database administrator and can’t wait for the endless opportunities out there. Never too late to make the decision and begin a life changing career.

Augustine O.

Hyattsville, Maryland, USA

My self-esteem increased when I mastered the material presented to me. I have the confidence of a lifetime learner. With my SQL Server knowledge, I have the confidence to succeed.

AkumTech has built a community of Instructors and students that are ready to serve this nation – USA and the world.

I am proud to be part of this community AkumTech has built. My

friends/family/others have not only been recommended but are attracted to.

Shalotte B.

Los Angeles, California, USA

AkumTech is an outstanding platform with well trained staff. My time spent in AkumTech was so amazing. AkumTech has helped me to build a career for myself in the IT industry without limits. If you want to build a career in the IT industry don’t waste time to reachout to them. They will guide you on the right path. Thanks AkumTech for the impact you have created in my life, I really appreciate.

Rodin A.

Dallas, Texas, USA

Ohh, what can say? For sure AkumTech is one of the best if not the best training platform I have studied in. The teachers are friendly and we really learn a lot. I have great classmates from different countries, and we enjoyed our time together. I am thankful to everyone at AkumTech for such a great opportunity.

Herbert A.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

AkumTech is the best platform for me because, the instructors went extra miles to repeat some topics that were already taught.  Their goal was to ensure that we had an indebt understanding of MSSQL server. After my training, I found it so easy to quickly get my first job as a DBA. I am very satisfied with the training I received because, with the help of AkumTech, my life and that of my love ones have been transformed for the best.

At AkumTech, they never say goodbye. The only thing they say is welcome. Is it a hold new family.

AkumTech needs to increase their tuition fees because, I think they are rendering their services at a below average price when compared to the benefits that the students reap.

Eunice N.

Chicago , Illinois, USA

AkumTech has great course instructors who are very knowledgeable about SQL Server and Database Administration. Prof Akum is very flexible with his students. Prof Akum and Prof Acha are always there to help answer questions and even stay after class to help. They were able to answer, on the spot, any questions that came up during our training session. All the other instructors did same. AkumTech also has mentors who are willing to always help students. Everything was attention to detail with important facts and materials very relatable to real world job experiences. They know what recruiters and companies are look for and have built their training sessions to help students pass interview test. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting a job related to MS SQL Server database administration.

Joyce N.

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Akumtech is a great institution with focused staff. They are good at accomplishing their goals while making sure the students gain required skills at the end of the training which makes them fit for the competitive job market. Most of Akumtech students have gained valuable employment with fortune 500 companies just after their one training. Get yourself ready for this 6 months intensive training and join most of Akumtech students in these fortune 500 companies and change your life and those around you forever.

Stephanie A

Red Oak, Texas, USA

I believe that AkumTech is an institution that caters to all kinds of people. We are treated as a family and have an amazing team of leaders and mentors that are available literally 24/7. I am blessed to be in such a rewarding program, when I tell people what I have learned in this training, their eyes light up with interest. You do not need the brain of Einstein to understand SQL, you need professors who are willing to teach you as their own and take extended steps to make sure you understand what you are learning and see the rewards of your new skill. AkumTech is an amazing institution 10/10.

Pamela T.

San Leandro, California, USA

AkumTech has been a very wonderful learning experience to me. Their obligation to their students is held as a top priority. The learning process is projected around the way your mind learns. Every instructor reached out to help study or rather you need extra time, they take the time to reach out and make sure you understand what have been taught. The professors are experts in the field and very knowledgeable. AkumTech Has given me the chance to enjoy learning and apply it in the real world. They strive to make sure all their students are afforded the best opportunities education wise and career wise. They want to see their students succeed and incorporate their own personal experience and bring it to real life. The instructors are very helpful, and they take every student seriously. I enjoyed how much they work hand in hand with their students to help them succeed and get on tract to their career. The rotation of instructors gives me a great experience as well.

AkumTech IT Services will be a great choice for all those who are interested in the IT field with highly skilled and committed Teachers.

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