Why choose a career in IT?

  1. The entire World is fast going digital, hence we need to move along.
  2. IT is currently about the fasted growing career industry globally. The IT Jobs continue to increase.
  3. IT has changed the World. The way we communicate, think and just anything we do.
    Plenty of job opportunites globally .
  4. IT jobs are among the highest paying jobs globally.
    IT professionals support the goal and cultures of the people and organisations rely on IT to help them be more productive.
  5. IT jobs provide leadership challenges and opportunites, contributions to satisfying career that lets you combine IT with your interests.

Why Choose AkumTech IT Services

  • Our curriculum of training is second to none.
    We are highly organised and we provide ourselves with the best.
  • Our trainers have alot of field experience.
  • We offer you the exact skill-set you need to succeed.
  • We help to build your IT resume.
  • We offer mentorship program and One-to-One Coaching to prepare you for the job market.
  • We also offer on the job market.
  • We also offer on the job support where we assist you opon getting your first job.
    Our training is 6 – 7 Months. By our records, some of our trainees start picking jobs after 4 months into the program.
  • We train students from an absolute beginner to an expert IT professional.
  • We train students in the USA and the rest of the World.
    Every month, we ship in a couple of students into the American and global economy.
  • We are very affordable and reliable.